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Excursions on foot, by canoe

The Ecolodge provides canoes to explore the surroundings on your own

The village of Belo

A small fishing village, Belo sur Mer is described by the Guide du Routard as “the favorite of the Region”.  

It is built entirely of wood and palisades, with its feet in the sand. The inhabitants are builders of dhows and schooners. It's an untouched corner of paradise, which exudes an immense feeling of sincerity. The visitor, called “vahiny”, is always welcome there. 


The mangroves and the lagoon of Belo by canoe

The Belo lagoon benefits from a luminous bay with sandbanks facing the sunset, and, from mid-June to mid-September, the passage of whales arriving from the open sea.  

Time stands still through swimming in the lagoon, the natural pools, walks through the sandbanks, discussions with fishermen, children, and the multiple sunsets with changing colors depending on the weather.

The mangroves of the Manahy Region are the most extensive in Madagascar. They thus assume the subsistence of fishing for the communities, the harvesting of seaweed as well as the transport of materials (wood...) and salt from the saltworks (departure from the salt port). They are characterized by tall mangrove trees with their branching feet resembling hooked fingers dipping into the water. 


Massage relaxant face à la mer

Des massages à la carte vont sont proposés par Marie Odette, prestataire extérieure à l'écolodge. Tarif : 20000 Ar la demi-heure. Sur réservation.

Kiosque de massage

With your 4x4

Kirindy Mitea Park (Ambararata)

Through this excursion you will be able to discover a succession of varieties of vegetation: the dense dry forest famous for its baobabs (one of the largest stands in Madagascar),  thickets of thorns...


But also, you will have the opportunity to cross paths with diurnal lemurs. They are the best known and most emblematic of Madagascar. They measure about 40 cm and you will be able to recognize them thanks to their ringed tail of white and black. 


The Saline

It is the largest in Madagascar. You will be able to discover all the work around the production of salt. It often remains a “family job”, under a crushing sun, people wash the salt to make it fit for consumption. This is how you can admire pyramids of salt letting the sun dry them before joining the salt port by tractor or zebu carts where they begin, carefully enclosed in 50 kg bags, their journey on the typical dhows of Belo sur mer. 


Kirindy Mitea Dune

Once you have climbed to the top of the sand dune, a breathtaking spectacle will stretch out before you: baobab forest, lakes populated by pink flamingos in season. You can then take the 1.5 km path through the dry forest which runs around splendid baobabs, which is called "the habitat of the giants". You can then continue your journey along the sacred lake inhabited by pink flamingos, lesser flamingos and Bernier's teal. 

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